Planet Eclipse PAL loader

17,90 €
Sisältää alv:n

HI - CAP versio:
Paino 240g
Pituus 207mm
Korkeus 133mm
Leveys 104mm
68 Cal kapasiteetti 220*
50 Cal kapasiteetti 590*
Syöttönopeus 10+ Bps

The Eclipse PAL Loader System has been designed to give entry-level, recreational and rental players the very best battery-free playing experience possible. By combining your PAL Compatible Paintball Marker with the revolutionary Eclipse PAL Loader, players can enjoy exceptional levels of performance without the need for batteries and expensive force-fed loader systems.

The system utilises the breech pressure from the PAL Enabled marker to provide direct agitation of the paintballs within the loader. With no external or exposed moving parts, hoses or components, the PAL System provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of paintballs into the marker in an ergonomic, streamlined and lightweight package.

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