DSG Taginn kranaatin laukaisija piippuun

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Laukaisija ruuvataan kiinni piippuun jossa m22 kierre päässä. (suujarrun paikalle)

Huom. Lippaassa ei saa olla kuulia (tarkista myös pesä)!


With the new Dynamic Sports Gear vs. grenade attachment, you can now shoot Taginn 36mm grenades with your normal paintball marker. All you need is a barrel with a standard 22mm front thread and this adapter with the Taginn Launching Shell sleeve screwed on.

To do this, the adapter is simply screwed onto the front of the barrel (first remove the Muzzlebrake or cover cap and the magazine / hopper) and then the Taginn grenade can be pushed into the grenade attachment from the front.

The adapter looks like a silencer and even gives your marker a cool look.

Use of the DSG vs. Taginn grenade attachment for 36mm grenades:

1. Remove the Muzzlebrake from your barrel (the barrel must have a front thread!)

2. Screw the grenade attachment onto the barrel

- You can now continue playing as normal -

To fire a Taginn grenade, do the following:

1. Remove the magazine from the marker or block the hopper feed

2. Make sure that there is no more paintball in the marker (run or breach)

3. Load the Taginn grenade into the grenade attachment from the front (grenade is simply pushed in)

- You can now fire the grenade -

The range is between 50 and 80 meters, depending on the muzzle energy of the marker.

These adapters are designed for use on the US market, i.e. for markers that have a normal cal. 68 Shoot the ball with at least 280-300 FPS. This is necessary in order to be able to accelerate the much larger Taginn grenades accordingly, so that they have a sufficient flight range and so that the firing mechanism of the pyrotechnics is activated.

IMPORTANT - The magazine must be empty when using the adapter. So make sure that there are no more paintballs in the marker before you load a Taginn grenade into the adapter.

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