Taginn REAPER MK2 36mm grenade with 3 sec. Time fuse

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3sekunnin sytyttimellä oleva räjähtävä ammus.

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The REAPER MK2 bullets from TAGINN belong to the so-called explosive bullets with time fuse. The REAPER grenades are available in two versions, once with about 3 seconds delay after launch, and once with about 5 seconds delay.

The version offered here has a 3 seconds time fuse! - The project explodes autonomously about 3 seconds after launch.

This projectile is particularly suitable for simulating vehicle fire. Cars, tanks and other vehicles are clearly visible with just one hit and out of the game.

Also suitable for very realistic training scenarios.

The new MK2 grenade generation is compatible with all TAGINN grenade launcher models and sleeves.

Product details of the REAPER 3 sec. MK2 grenades

- Cal. 36mm

- Grenade with explosive core

- Time fuse with approx. 3 sec delay

- Fits all Taginn grenade launcher models & grenade pods

- MK2 ammo is also suitable for the latest grenade launcher series (eg TAG ML-36)

- CE approved for maximum product safety

ATTENTION - Do not aim directly at people.

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