Taginn VELUM MK2 36mm smoke grenade

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40mm kranaatinheittimen savuammus


The Velum MK1 projectiles by TAGINN.

The grenade detonates immediately after firing and produces dense, white smoke. With the help of these projectiles you can set the opponent at a very long distance a wall of smoke in front of his nose and take his sight. Also ideal to cover your own retreat.

Also suitable for very realistic training scenarios.

The new MK2 grenade generation is compatible with all TAGINN grenade launcher models and sleeves.

Product details of the VELUM MK2 grenades

- Cal. 36mm

- Smoke grenade / smoke bomb

- Fires automatically when fired

- Fits all Taginn grenade launcher models & grenade pods

- MK2 ammo is also suitable for the latest grenade launcher series (eg TAG ML-36)

- CE approved for maximum product safety

ATTENTION - Do not aim directly at people.

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